Currently somewhere in Asia, or Europe, or North America. Last permanent residence was in San Francisco, definitely some good experiences and great learnings there, also some very annoying troubles with the healthcare and safety situations in that place (safety story to be written, but fuck you crackheads from 9th St around All Star Cafe, and those that fail to fix the street safety situation in the US or even be willing to change it, when they have the power to do so). Previously lived in Canada for a few years, where the pretentious picture you can see above was taken. Before that, born and raised in Spain.

If you click on the links at the right, you can find more information about related projects and activities. Outdated resumes centered around programming activities and research activities are available too. A maybe more updated LinkedIn profile is here.

More thoughts available over at @exexist, here in Spanish, and here in English.

Contact information

a?elm?linauw {at} gmail {dot} com, and a couple of character replacements

External links

  1. These are Cortana's NFL predictions for week 6
  2. The Last Psychiatrist has some great rants about humans and their actions, specially concerning certain subcultures/generations in the United States.
  3. The Meaningness blog has some great thoughts about the concept of meaning in a postmodern world, with a focus towards looking for ideas in Eastern traditions that could adapt well to this situation.
  4. Re.silience has some great thoughts about about survival, and the underlying economic systems, in the time of massive globalization.
  5. Un buen amigo escribe aqui introduciendo perspectivas interesantes sobre el aprendizaje y la escuela.
  6. Otro bueno amigo tiene paginas para venta de maquinas de coser, y comprar discos duros externos, es gente de fiar : )