This is a place for random information about other activities/projects I have been involved with, by the time of its last update. This information might or might not help give a more accurate impression of me, whatever that means.

I wrote a solution for the Quora Datacenter Cooling Challenge (Hamiltonian path count in a grid graph) using a combinatorial rather than heuristic-based approach. The solution is faster by almost two orders of magnitude on the sample input than their best solution, and by even more than any of the ones I have found online.

During some of my teenage years, I was an anonymous political blogger with a reasonable-sized audience for a while over at [censored].

I was involved with a variety of student clubs in my time at the University of Waterloo. A significant part of this involvement was with the Pure Math, Applied Math and Combinatorics & Optimization Club, where I was the librarian for more than one year and a half. I was also involved in different ways with the Bioactive Compounds Club, Imprint - The official University of Waterloo newspaper, the Spin and Flow Club, the Metal Club (founding member!), the Stats Club (re-founding member!), the Ballroom Dance Club, the Krav Maga club, the UW Shadow program, the Computer Science Club, Circle K International, and SOS-Students Offering Support. During summer of 2009 I played a lot of Rock Band with my roommates, and we ended up winning the UW Gamers Rock Band Tournament. I was also a proud member of the Hopeless Experts intramural soccer team.

After winning the indoor soccer Advanced level intramurals
Hopeless Experts

My first research experience was thinking about planar graphs without a Hamiltonian path.

I have some kind of certification at Leave No Trace skills. I have a little bit of knowledge of electric guitar playing and contact juggling. Hard to judge which one is less bad. It was not unusual for a while to see me around events from the Burning Man (and similar) community around San Francisco.

I am intermittently active in the Couchsurfing community as well, mostly as a host.

I do speak some Korean, even have a diploma that says so. But I cannot say this sentence in Korean, so I guess I don't speak that much.

More fluency in Thai right now, actually.

I have been a big fan of Atletico de Madrid since I was 5 years old. The first year I was conscious of football as a sport, everyone said they were gonna go down to the second level, so I decided to support them, partially out of solidarity, and mostly to be annoying. Next year they did a double with the Spanish League and the Spanish Cup. And then they did not win anything until 2010.